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Secured Email

Who’s been reading your email?

Can you guarantee that the email messages you send and receive are secure? Unfortunately, information sent via normal, unsecured email is open to being tampered with, delivered wrongly or intercepted and read by unintended individuals.

There is no guarantee of privacy or integrity. To protect your business against the threat of cyber crime, Cobweb offers Secured Email

Simple, straightforward, secure

Managed email services such as those provided by Cobweb offer a straightforward solution to security problems by providing email encryption for all messages sent and received across your system. We also use the very latest virus-checking technology to prevent infection.

We can:

  • Protect sensitive data as well as your hardware infrastructure
  • Greatly reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud and other cyber crime
  • Put an end to junk mail clogging up your inbox

Other advantages include:

  • No need to struggle with encryption applications
  • No need to invest in new hardware or software
  • ISO27001 information security accreditation for greater peace of mind

Secured Email Business Benefits

Ensure privacy and protection

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing cyber crimes. All it takes is for a hacker to obtain personal information about a user and they can amass huge debts in their name.

Such incidents often only come to light after people find money has been removed from their bank accounts. Other types of personal data fraud are also on the increase.

These days, far from only being associated with rogue e-mails and unregulated websites, some viruses can sit undetected on mainstream sites, with any visitor at risk of being infected.

In the past, if your computer became infected with a virus, you tended to pick up on the problem straight away. Now you are unlikely to notice if anything is amiss. Viruses and cyber crime can cause permanent damage to hardware and can potentially result in losses of millions of pounds.

Seamless integration

Selecting and implementing an email encryption application can be a complicated process, especially if IT isn’t your speciality. Luckily, we can take care of that for you.

The integration of Secured Email is straightforward, scalable to any business size and suitable for any system. Designed to work with Outlook, the process of sending email is much the same, so you will hardly notice the difference.

Reducing spam

They can range from the merely irritating to the downright offensive, but now there is no reason for you to endure a daily deluge of unsolicited ‘spam’ emails. With normal email, you can receive messages from any organisation or person that you haven't 'blocked' from sending to you.

Secured email works the other way round - you can only receive emails from addresses that have been pre-approved, meaning you will no longer have to waste time wading through and deleting junk email.

Your email in safe hands

Having been awarded ISO27001 accreditation, you can rest assured that with secured email from Cobweb, your messaging is in safe hands.

Your data will always be protected and will only be available to you. In order to safeguard your information and reduce vulnerability to attack, we have partnered with MessageLabs to provide a 100% no virus guarantee for all users of the service.

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