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Mobile Working - The Smarter Way to Work

New Legislation: Rights to Request Flexible Working

The Government has agreed to an extension of the right to request flexible working to a further 4.5 million parents of children aged up to 16.

Like all SMEs we are facing challenging times this forthcoming year. Some of our known challenges are controlling cost in anticipation of the forecasted recession, office space constraints, car parking and increased competition for talented employees.

The right time to act is now, so what are we doing? Adopting and living the philosophy that work is an activity and not a location.

Cobweb has the technology and initiative to help get you started with mobile working, proven to give:

  • Benefits for the employer, such as an average productivity gain of 15%
  • Benefits for the employee, such as a better work/life balance
  • A variety of social benefits such as family friendly

Business Benefits

  • Reduces accommodation costs 
  • Reduces office space 
  • Lowers staff turnover levels resulting in lower recruitment costs and increased staff morale 
  • Reduces car parking 
  • Reduces office footprint 
  • Enables flexible working helping to achieve the work life balance 
  • Increases productivity 
  • Wins those talented employees 
  • Reduces absence levels 
  • Increase productivity through personal efficiency 
  • Achieves Smarter commuting, reducing dead time from travelling 
  • Increases job satisfaction 
  • Reduces travel costs

Mobile working with Document Management with Windows SharePoint

  • Access your documents when you want, where you want 
  • Share information with suppliers, customers and colleagues 
  • Centralise projects and improve teamwork

It’s rude not to share:

  • Improved project collaboration 
  • Ease of document management 
  • Guaranteed reliability

Business Email with Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Full functionality of your mailbox from any computer or laptop 
  • Access to your contacts, calendar and tasks 
  • Shared access to your colleagues contacts, calendars and tasks

Get more done:

  • Brings your organisation together with a centralised email solution 
  • Easily schedule meetings and tasks with your colleagues

Mobile Email with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

  • Email access with full email Outlook functionality 
  • Advanced security through Windows Mobile or BlackBerry

Remove Dead Time:

  • Keeps your mobile workforce connected to email at all times 
  • Increases productivity 
  • Enhances customer satisfaction 
  • Better job satisfaction
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