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In-house vs. Outsourcing

Switching from an in-house solution is certainly a lot easier then you may think. At Cobweb we make the switch for you, with no interruptions or lose of data and before you know it you’ll be up and running with a reliable, Secure Email that just works!


Business Benefits 

With an outsourced solution from Cobweb your business instantly achieves many business benefits:

No Capital Expenditure and Predictable monthly costs

Choosing to move to an outsourced solution gives you the flexibility to manage your costs without having the initial upfront investment required from an in-house solution. You only pay for the resources you use; giving monthly predictable costs.

Certified Data and Security Integrity

Cobweb ensures security and privacy of your data by being accredited with ISO27001 Certification. You can therefore be confident that your data is safe and will always be available to you, and only you, reducing business risk.

Our managed service protects you from the ever changing threat of viruses, other malware and phishing scams. We have partnered with MessageLabs to provide a 100% no virus guarantee for all users of the service.

Improve your company focus

Managing an in-house solution can be extremely time consuming and can take the focus aware from your core business. Outsourcing your IT enables you to focus more on your customer delivery, helping to deliver the more important parts of your business.

No more expensive upgrades

Cobweb constantly invest in new technologies and will upgrade the underlying technology as part of the service when it becomes available, providing your business with the latest and greatest tools to empower your employees without the on-going investment costs required from an in-house infrastructure.

24*7 Support

With over 11 years experience, our expert team are available 24*7 to help you when you need it. Whether you are without an IT department or require an extension to your IT department, we can help with everything from setting up of your new mailboxes, redirecting your mail to helping you configure all your PCs and devices.


With over 5,000 customers you can rely on us to ensure your services are reliable and available. With a 99.96% platform uptime last year you can be confident the technology will work for you when you need it. We also complete the timely upgrades and patches, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – your business.


With a pay as you go scheme and no upfront investment costs you can quickly and easily scale up or down to suit your business – paying only for system users.

Reduce your carbon footprint

As well as reducing the cost of ownership for your IT systems, Cobweb’s services can also help you reduce the amount of energy your business consumes. Cobweb’s shared platforms provide optimal use of power, meaning you reduce the amount of electricity used. In addition, Cobweb are committed to achieving the ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditation.

An extension to your IT department

Managing an in-house server can be time consuming and if database limits are exceeded, staff can experience hours of downtime in order to get it back up and running. This overtime can become inefficient and prevent people from performing their roles.

With Cobweb’s outsourced solution and a 24*7 dedicated support team this can free up time for your IT team to focus on the more strategic IT needs of your business and remove any concerns you may have with limited resources.

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