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The Battle of Business Email

Aug 24, 2018, 17:27 PM
While instant messaging, social networking, and chat, are playing an increasingly important part in work-life, email continues to see strong and growing use, and Microsoft Exchange has been at the heart of enterprise communications since 1996.
Subtitle : Cloud (Office 365) vs. Hosted vs. On-premises
Title :

Microsoft Exchange has been at the heart of enterprise communications since 1996. The calendaring and mail server, developed by Microsoft, has grown into the most robust platform of its kind. It is the engine that drives communications around the world.

The Battle of the Business Email looks at the relative advantages of email solutions hosted on-premises, in the cloud as a Hosted Exchange option, or as part of Microsoft Office 365.

Topics covered in the eBook:

 Cloud (Microsoft Office 365) vs. Hosted Exchange vs. On-premises: What are the differences?

 Relative features - including covering security, compliance and SLA and availability, and data residency  

Cloud (Microsoft Office 365) vs. Hosted Exchange vs. On-premises - the bottom line: a look at the potential TCO (total cost of ownership) for each option

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The Battle of Business-Email Hosted Exchange Whitepaper The Battle of Business-Email Communication